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Review Copy Cleanup: Wrap Up

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I am way better at starting a project than actually finishing it. As you might have seen in my first week update I got off at a great start. And after that I just kind of… drowned in the real life stress zone.

In the end I read four books for review, and one more from my personal stack. At five books total August hasn’t been my best month yet, but it’s not my worst either. Here is the list, titles linking to Goodreads:

  1. League of Strays by L.B. Schulman (my review)
  2. Circuit Theory by Crow & Starck
  3. Fifty Shames of Earl Grey by Fanny Merkin (my review)
  4. Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel (my review)

For those of you that have participated in the Review Copy Cleanup, I hope you enjoyed the event! If you made a wrap up post, feel free to post a comment with the link, I’d love to see how you did (:

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