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Review Copy Cleanup 3.0: Week Two – Wrap Up & Linky

We passed the half-way mark! How are you all doing this week? As always you can share your progress post in the Linky below. It would also be great if you visited the posts of fellow participants!

You might remember that in last week’s goal post I was going to try for two books, Eviction Notice and Spirit of Lost Angels. Well, I pulled a classic Celine and didn’t read a word in any of those two, but instead read a novella called One Little White Lie! With poker nights, going to a natural history museum, going book shopping for Valentine’s day, a gaming party and a dressing up party I barely had any time to read, and One Little White Lie was a perfect read for in between. Holiday is over now, so (paradoxically) I might have more time to read next week.

For the upcoming week I’ll try to read two books (and try to stick with it):

Spirit of Lost Angels: 0/378
Slither Sisters: 160/160

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