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Review Copy Cleanup 3.0: Week One – Wrap Up & Linky

Whew, the first week of the Review Copy Cleanup, Third Edition, just flew by! If you haven’t signed up yet, do so quickly here, you only have until the 15th to join the fun!

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and preferably one filled with reading. You can share your progress in the Linky below, or see how the other participants are doing. You can also find us talking about Cleanup related stuff on Twitter using the #RCCleanup hashtag.

I set my goals quite low for week one, but it was still quite a surprise for me that I actually managed to finish both books I wanted to finish this week. University is draining all my energy to read and I felt very much in a slump, but I have a week off now and it has done wonders for my reading (my homework is getting neglected though). So far I’ve only posted the review for Medusa the Mean (which is awesome!), but tomorrow I’ll make sure to write my review for Anna 2026 as well (was was really good).

For the upcoming week I’ll try to read two books again:


Eviction Notice: 0/325

Spirit of Lost Angels: 0/378

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