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Out of the Slump and Back Again

Okay, I’m not “back again” yet and I hope to stay out of it for a while, but I finally got out of my reading slump. And with style, I must say.

I got in my reading slump this summer. At first I thought it would help if I took a break from blogging – so I did. But that didn’t work. I still wasn’t reading that much (I went from a steady nine books every month to a sad four, including short novellas). When I started university in September I read even less.

But now I seem to have re-found my love and enjoyment in reading. It’s fun again. The pages just fly by, I think I read about a hundred pages every day for a few days now. I’m so excited about this!

The turning point for me was reading On Writing by Stephen King. It’s a non-fiction book, part biography part writing manual, and something I wouldn’t normally read. Just because you know, Stephen King wrote this book I picked it up. It was awesome. I haven’t read anything by Mr King for over a year, and I completely forgot how addictive his prose is. It’s clean and quick to the point, which propels the story forward even when he’s writing non-fiction.

It’s not because I read On Writing specifically that I finally got out of my reading rut. It’s probably just because I read something different, something that captured my interest and kept my focus throughout the book.

I’m so glad to be back on track again. Be prepared for some brand new reviews!

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