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New Apartment! Pictures Galore

I’ve mentioned moving a few times on the blog and on Twitter. We’re finally done, and everything has been unpacked and given its own place. Behold… My gorgeous new apartment! Since this post is so picture heavy, the bulk of it is hidden under the Read more tag.


This is the first time I’ll be living truly on my own without any housemates. It’s different, but in a good way. No more cleaning up other people’s messes! My only vice is to drop clothes EVERYWHERE. But I do prefer my kitchen mold-free, as opposed to what my previous roomies seemed to enjoy. Anyways, I think the apartment looks awesome!


Here are some snapshots of my work area, bed, the books on the shelf behind my bed, the couch, and the plants on top of my bookshelf.


And some more details. I especially love the picture frame I got from my boyfriend with pictures of us together, and it got its own place above my desk. Sadly the frame fell down a day after this picture was taken, and it broke. So it’s just pictures now, without the frame. Still cute though (:


My pretties all got their own spot. Some shelves still need some work, but I’m loving having a wall just for books.


One of the best things of this apartment is that it has a spacious balcony. I’m trying to grow some herbs, and I’m proud to say that none of them have died yet! 😀 I got all the essentials like mint, rosemary, oregano, basil, and some other tasty ones. I feel very cool when I’m cooking, walking outside with scissors to cut some fresh herbs!

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