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Netgalley Month

Just like the lovely ladies over at Book Passion for Life I have a ton of unread Netgalley books. Starting the 15th of May up until 15th of June we’ll all be trying to create as big of a dent in our Netgalley/Edelweiss to be read piles as possible. You can still sign up, so if you’re interested hop on over to their blog!

A week before I found out about this challenge I actually counted all of my unread Netgalley books on my Kindle. I do have more books than are on my Kindle – some got archived before I could send them over and others were only readable on my computer (not going to happen!). It turns out I’ve actually been a lot more conservative with requesting books on Netgalley than I thought. I have a total of 28 unread Netgalley books on my Kindle. I’ve done a separate post listing all the unread Netgalley books I have, you can check them out here.

Galleys read:

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