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Movie Trailer: The Host (Stephenie Meyer)

It seems like today is a good day for movie things on my blog. Another book of Stephenie Meyer is getting a movie adaptation, and this time it’s of her lesser known (as of yet) standalone The Host. Here is the official teaser thing (it doesn’t contain any actual footage of the movie).

My thoughts so far:
  • Is it me, or does this trailer look pretty cheap? Especially with the first people with alien eyes, it reminded me more of a fan-made video
  • The face we see of lead character Melanie looks a bit strange, and nothing like Saoirse Ronan, who plays her. Is it her, or someone else? I’m a bit confused
  • I’m a bit afraid that the movie is going to be too gooey and fluffy. I liked the book of The Host because it contained a tiny bit of social commentary, in a dark way. The voice at the start of the trailer is so sweet it makes my teeth ache
  • Overall I’m not very convinced yet that this movie is going to be awesome, so I’m looking forward to see the real trailer closer to the release date
  • I also found the poster movie thing, but I had to three-double take to make sure I had the right one. They look more like people dressed up in squeaky leather, not remaining humans trying to survive in the desert (update: it’s most certainly fan-made)
  • It just struck me that Stephenie does love shiny things; these aliens don’t sparkle in the sun, but their eyes do

What do you guys think? Are you excited about this movie?

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