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It’s done.

After 1376 pages, I’m finally done, and god, I’m glad it’s over. It’s dead, so now I can sleep again at night!

The Review:
I finally finished it. I finally finished It
I don’t know where to start this. First, this book is looong. It’s both it’s strength and it’s weakness.

You get totally sucked into the story, you get to love all the characters, know their strengths, know their weaknesses, know their family, know their fears. They start to become a piece of you.

On the other side,  ..more

Now, I have time again for my other books! And how they have missed me…
There is also some time now for another project… The writing of my own novel. I have the plot planned out, I have the characters… Now it’s time for them to come alive! I will put a teaser up when it’s done.