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Instead of Reading I’ll be Studying!

Hi guys, I wanted to let you all know that I’m having three exams next week and three papers due the week after that, so my blog will be pretty empty for about a week and a half! I’ll be studying with my study buddy Dicky:

He always sits next to me for some cuddles when I’m studying, he’s awesome.

PS. I wanted to thank you all for the well wishes on my Burnt House Post. <3 The clean-up is going okay, we slept in our house again for the first time yesterday. We don’t have any appliances left, obviously, so we can’t cook yet, but at least the horrible smell is mostly gone.

Hope to see you all again in a week!

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  • http://twitter.com/Kelsenator Kelsey

    Good luck with your exams!! Your studying buddy is cute, I can’t wait to get myself some kitties 🙂

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Thanks Kelsey! Ohh, if you do get kitties make sure to take some pictures (:

  • miki

    bonne m**** with your exams, i hope you are in good conditions to study ( being in home help but still)
     mine are coming too ( fortunately not bog , too difficult one) but my cat prefer my reading time when i accept to cuddle ( when i’m studying i’m too stressed to his taste)take care

  • Erica Nicholas

    I have a bunch of exams coming up too! I totally understand that one. 

  • http://booksbiscuitsandtea.co.uk/ Vicky @ Books, Biscuits & Tea

    Aw, Dicky is so cute!
    I’ll be studying too 🙁 I’ll try to schedule a few posts but I know I won’t have time for fun reading. Boo!
    Best of luck with all your exams and such <3

  • http://thedailyprophecy.blogspot.com/ Mel @thedailyprophecy

    Good luck! I hope you can study a lot and pass your tests 🙂

  • http://unconventionalbookviews.com/ Lexxie

    I’m so glad you’re back in your house, and that things are getting more or less back to normal.

    Good luck with studying and writing papers.  I have one exam next week, and two papers to write as well – and I have trouble getting started with it all. So much more fun to read stories and chat about them 😀

  • annethought

    Good luck in your exams!