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In My Mailbox

It’s time for In My Mailbox, a weekly meme by The Story Siren!

Got two books this week, one I had been anticipating for MONTHS. I’m trying to limit my book-buying so I can finally read all those books I have bought three years ago. I believe I have about 80 unread books lying around here. This was also the week I got accepted for an amazing ARC, I am very excited about!

Click on the covers to go to their Goodreads page.


Well, technically this is a gift from my boyfriend. Imagine Upper East Side’rs with their expensive designer clothes stabbing at each other with butcher knives. That’s what Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer is like. It sounds completely insane, so I hope it’s fun!

Received for review:

Let’s read that writer’s name again. Anne Rice. I got accepted to read an ARC by Anne Rice!! That’s like, the woman whose books were made into a movie featuring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas. That Anne Rice. I’m so excited that I would be doing cartwheels. If I knew how to do that.
The Wolf Gift is about a reporter that is being turned into a werewolf. It sounds really interesting. To read the full blurb, just click on the cover (:

What is in your mailbox this week? Leave a comment!

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