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I’m Going to the London Book Fair!

Most of the time, living in the Netherlands is kind of annoying if you are a book blogger. It means it’s pretty much impossible to go to signings, meetings, and other fun blogging stuff. You have to work harder to get publishers to send review copies to you, because let’s face it, you’re more expensive to ship to. One of the fun parts of living in the Netherlands is that I live just a six-hour train ride from London away.

So when I found out that London is the host of the massive London Book Fair, I was thrilled! It meant I could finally go to one of the big bookish events that all of the US bloggers rave about. It’s the BEA of Europe! 

After a little while of discussing and weighing every penny… it is decided that I am going to the London Book Fair! I have no idea what to expect, since this is my first time there, and I can’t really find other bloggers that have attended. I believe it’s only open for public since a year, so it’s a little bit less commercially orientated. What should I wear? Which seminars do I have to attend? I have no idea!

So I’m looking for other European bloggers that are thinking about attending the Fair. Or maybe people that have visited the Fair before! I’m looking forward to hear about your experiences (: