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Harry Potter December: Part 2

Don’t those big tennis ball sized eyes just make you melt?

I decided to reread all the Harry Potter books this December! As a part of it, I am having this little event here on my blog, Harry Potter in December. Click here to find the other posts.

I’ll also occasionally update through my Twitter account with the hashtag #readingharrypotter. Come join me if you like!

It’s time for my second update. Here are the stats:

  • Pages read (this book): 226
  • Pages read (total): 449
  • Currently at: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (#2)
  • My thoughts: I love how fast-paced the Harry Potter books are. Even if there’s a little mellow moment to insert some background info or character growth, there is a big action part directly afterwards. I can’t remember part five to seven that well, and I wonder if I found them less interesting because they were slower paced than the first books.
    Another thing that struck me while reading is how well Rowling thought about Harry’s motives. It is pretty unusual for an eleven-year-old boy to be very heroic and brave. I can’t imagine any boy that would stand up against the big evil guy without good reason. But Harry’s parents have been killed by said big evil guy. If that isn’t motivation, then I don’t know what is.
    So far, so good (:

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