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Guest Post: Kelsey on Blogging

Hi guys, I got a very special guest over today. I had a call on Twitter a week ago to find some guest bloggers to stop by on Nyx Book Reviews, and fellow book blogger Kelsey decided to help me out! Kelsey is the mastermind behind Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookshelf. Check out her blog too! (:

The Guest Post

What I’ve learned about myself from blogging

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, and I feel like I’ve learned so much about it along the way, but here is a little list of the things blogging has taught me about myself.

I can’t be forced to read anything. Back in high school they would give us books to read and write reports about, and I really sucked at it actually. I had trouble keeping interest and my book reports always had ok marks, because I had difficulty explaining anything, let alone remembering what I read. Not only were the books not what I enjoyed, but I’ve just never liked being forced to read anything. I didn’t fully realized how much I liked reading and choosing my own books until I started blogging, and realized how many awesome books there are out there!

I need to write for myself. When I first started blogging, I was really worried about not sounding professional or not having anything well written, or people liking my content. But after visiting other blogs and keeping up with my own posts for almost a year now, I realized that it doesn’t really matter. As long as I write what I care about, get my feelings out there and be as honest as I can, that’s what’s important. Otherwise it would get boring and be bland and I would most likely give up on it completely. After all, blogging isn’t about impressing others, but sharing your experiences and having fun right?

I’m more confident and less shy than I thought I would be. All those book bloggers out there were the reason for this. When I first started out, of course I had a lot of questions, but I was a bit worried about bugging others constantly. But I did it anyway, and not only would I get many answers to help me out right away, all the comments on reviews and my posts cheering me on just made my day, and help me feel more a part of everything. I think this whole experience has changed me a bit, and I love all of it.

I think just being a part of something and doing what you love is a great thing, but if it can inspire you to change, adapt, or learn, then it’s even more worthwhile to keep doing it. Sop hopefully I’m doing this for years to come! Have there been any ways in which blogging has changed you?


Hi! I’m Kelsey, and I’m a 24 year old Canadian girl.

I work in the printing industry with a small company, running digital machines, and doing a bit of design. I’m the manager of bindery, and shipping jobs to clients.

I originally started my blog because I wanted to test out WordPress so I could help with my work’s blog. I fell in love with the idea, played around with a few things, and eventually I decided to change it into a book blog August 2011, thanks to a read-a-thon.