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Graphic Novel Review: Will o’ the Wisp by Tom Hammock & Megan Hutchinson

Title: Will o’ the Wisp
Authors: Tom Hammock & Megan Hutchinson
Series: None
Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

216 pages
Published December 3rd 2013 by Archaia Entertainment
Review copy received through Netgalley

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Summary: After her parents’ death Aurora is sent off to her closest relative, her eccentric grandfather that lives in the middle of a swamp. The people living there are very superstitious, but when inhabitants start disappearing it becomes clear something sinister is at work.

What I liked:
– I really enjoyed the overall mood of the book. The voodoo rituals were interesting and other-worldly
– Aurora has a cute sidekick in the form of a raccoon
– The drawings of the marches are very eerie
– The story was engaging

What I didn’t like:
– On some pages the colours were a bit too wishy-washy
– I feel we didn’t get enough answers in the end; some parts of the story are just glossed over or forgotten
– The story drags a bit in the middle

Verdict: Although a bit longish for the plot, Will o’ the Wisp makes up for it in atmosphere.


After her parents’ accidental death by mushroom poisoning, young Aurora Grimeon is sent to live with her estranged grandfather on Ossuary Isle, deep in the southern swamps. Joined by her grandfather’s pet raccoon Missy, Aurora explores the fog-covered island of graves. Along the way she meets its sinister residents who care for the tombstones and mausoleums, living out their lives by the strange rules of Hoodoo magic. When ghostly things start happening out in the swamp and island residents start disappearing, Aurora thrusts herself into the middle of the mystery, uncovering secrets that might be better left buried.

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