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Going Places – Where Have You Travelled?

Once in a while I like to post about things that have absolutely nothing to do with books – and today is one of those days!

I love visiting new places and new countries. There is this website where you can make your own travel map, and here is mine. Turns out I visited 7% of the countries in the world, which isn’t bad for someone that is 1) afraid of airplanes, 2) tends to end up in other countries than she was planning on and 3) has no money.

map2So far I’ve visited:

  • The Netherlands (Duh.)
  • Belgium (including Brussels)
  • Germany (but only the Western part)
  • Luxembourg (including Luxembourg City)
  • Austria (including Vienna – although just the zoo)
  • Denmark (Arhus and Roskilde)
  • France (Paris multiple times and Normandy and Bretagne)
  • Italy (Rome and some northern cities)
  • Vatican City
  • Switzerland (Geneva & CERN – one of the coolest trips I’ve ever made)
  • UK (London, cities around London, Brighton, and Edinburgh)

I’m clearly slowly making my way through our little corner of Europe. I’d love to go to the US and Canada some day but that will probably take at least another five years. Until then I’ll continue my expedition of Europe.

Places I’d love to visit soon:

  • Ireland: I’m going there this winter with the boyfriend as our three-year-anniversary celebration! We started this tradition of travelling between Christmas and Newyear for our anniversary last year with Edinburgh, and we love it. So this year Dublin is the lucky city!
  • Sweden: I wasn’t that big a fan of the place we visited in Denmark, but I’d love to see a bit more of Scandinavia. Stockholm is a good option because it’s affordable and easy to reach from where I live
  • Austria: I’ve already been there, but Austria is such a beautiful country. And I never got to go to an opera in Vienna! Gotta go do that some day.
  • Iceland: Our original anniversary trip plan. It just got a bit out of budget sadly, but it’s still a good contender for next year’s trip.
  • Greece: Although I really don’t want to visit Greece in summer cause I’d die of the heat, I’d love to visit Athens some day
So what has been your favourite trip? How many countries have you visited?

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