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Email Subscriber Problems

Hi all! Just a quick update to say that I STILL DON’T HAVE A LAPTOP. I ordered one the day after the old one died, then that one was the wrong model, reordered a different one, that one was broken, and now I’m waiting for my replacement. It’s seriously been such a struggle, and absolutely tedious. But oh well, at least my boyfriend lent me his laptop so I can at least do some basic stuff.

Which brings me to the email subscriber stuff. Seriously, I am so sorry for you, email subbers. I’ve been ping ponging between Feedburner, Feedpress and then FeedBlitz, trying to find a feed service that actually works. And every time you get tons of emails – and I apologise. I’m deleting my FeedBlitz account, and you might have to resubscribe if you’re still interested in receiving emails. I’ll just be using a WP plugin though, and no longer any fancy services. Fancy services are a pain in the butt.

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