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Doing the Math – Again

Most of you probably don’t remember my first few posts here at Nyx Book Reviews. My fourth post on the blog (when it was still hosted over at Blogger) was called Only 9900443 to go! Doing the math.., and in this post I talked about my lifetime bookish goal: reading one million pages.

I posted about this on June 21th, 2010. That’s a little over three years ago now (I’ve been blogging over three years – that realisation hasn’t quite settled yet… holy shrimp), and I thought it would be nice to compare my goals and see how I did in these years.

Over on Goodreads I’m still a member of the One Million Pages Per Lifetime group, and I’ve been faithfully updating my personal discussion thread for years. Here is the summary of what I’ve read starting January 2010.

Total books read in 2010: 48
Total pages read in 2010: 20885

Total books read in 2011: 90
Total pages read in 2011: 26298

Total books read in 2012: 86
Total pages read in 2012: 28986

Total books read in 2013: 54
Total pages read in 2013: 15147

Total lifetime pages read: 91316
Pages to go: 908684
Done: 9,13%

I’m perfectly on track to finish the challenge in another 36 years (with an average of 25000 pages every year). My reading has been increasing ever since I started blogging in 2010 – I really wonder where the growth is going to stop. I think I’m reading at my maximum now, so it’ll probably cap at 30000 a year. Another trend I’m noticing is that the average length of books I read (435 pages in 2010, 292 pages in 2011, 337 pages in 2012, 280 pages in 2013) is a lot lower since I started blogging. This is quite easily explained – I went from reading almost exclusively fantasy and urban fantasy to reading young-adult books, which are considerably shorter.

For this summer I’m going to try to return a bit to my old reading habits, at least in the sense of reading more fantasy and urban fantasy. I’ll probably do a separate post on my summer reading goals next week (:

Do you guys keep track of your reading progress? Do you use speadsheets, notebooks or also Goodreads? I’d love to hear from you!

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