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Happy New Year! & 2014 Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, no matter how or where you celebrated it! 2014 was an interesting year, filled with good things. I went on trips to Stockholm and Cologne, I finished my first children’s book, and I saw some amazing bands live (Seether, Maybeshewill, Mayday Parade, You Me At Six). It saw […]

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The End of an Era…

… and the start of a new one. If you’ve frequented my blog before, you know that it used to look differently. And I loved how it looked and how my blog was for a very long time. But for the last few months I’ve been unsatisfied with it. I tried several things – dropping […]

I’m on a Vacation!

Source When this post goes up, I’ll be on my way to Köln, Germany! Köln is actually pretty close to where I live (maybe an hour/hour and a half drive) but somehow we never visit it. I’ll be back by Sunday evening (August 3rd). In the meantime I’ve only scheduled my July wrap up, and […]

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Books Up For Trades

Hello ladies and the occasional gentlemen! I really, really like collecting books. I really do. But there comes a point where you’ve filled all of the shelves at your parent’s house (and even some drawers), and have three overflowing Billy bookcases at your own place. This is the point where it’s time to let go. […]

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Email Subscriber Problems

Hi all! Just a quick update to say that I STILL DON’T HAVE A LAPTOP. I ordered one the day after the old one died, then that one was the wrong model, reordered a different one, that one was broken, and now I’m waiting for my replacement. It’s seriously been such a struggle, and absolutely […]

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Sad Times for Laptops

Hi guys, a teensy tiny post about the fact that my laptop just died. It was old already, so I was expecting it to crash any day now. It’s hardly a surprise that this morning it would no longer start and gave a series of beeps of death. He fought well, and was a trustworthy […]

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