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Books for Sale & Trade

Hi guys! So my bookcases have been absolutely overflowing lately, and I have decided to get rid of some books. Most of these have been read (though not all), and many are still in new condition. I’ve added a description of the condition of the book, and the price (if applicable). Shipping is €3.20 per […]


On Silence and Stress

I originally wrote this post on Irresponsible Cactus, but decided to cross-post it here as well. It has been over a month since I last blogged on Nyx Book Reviews. It has been over two since I last blogged on Irresponsible Cactus. One day I was here, and the next, I disappeared. Or at least, […]

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A Week Off!

Hi lovely blog readers! I hope you are all well – and if you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, that you had a nice celebration. This is a short notification to let you know that I will be taking a break from the blog for a week, so I can get all of my ducks back in […]

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I’m Graduating!

I’M GRADUATING. AHHHHH You’re looking at Celine, Bachelor of Arts! — Celine (@CelineNyx) August 25, 2015 So this happened. After many months of writing and editing and writing and not having a life I finished and handed in my thesis. AND IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH. I can’t even tell you what a relief it was […]

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Review: Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun

Title: Black Moon Author: Kenneth Calhoun Series: Standalone Rating: 4 Stars 288 pages Published January 20th 2015 by Hogarth Review copy received from the publisher Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository What if the world is hit with an epidemic of insomnia? That is the premise of Black Moon, Calhoun’s debut novel. Often called hallucinogenic […]

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I’m on Vacation!

Hi all! Every year I take a break in summer, in order to fully relax, get some reading done, and possibly go on a trip or two without having to worry about the blog. I’m going to Paris next week (I’M SO EXCITED), so I’m taking a break to eat some croissants, amble around cobbled […]

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University Induced Break

Hi guys! If you ever read my Sunday Posts regularly, you probably know that I’m currently in the middle of finishing up my Bachelor degree. For a very long time I’ve been able to keep up with my studies and doing both my blogs on the side, but I’m afraid that at this moment, I […]

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