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Bookish This or That

Where do you prefer to read? What does one snack on during reading? These and other important questions are covered in the This or That Book Tag, created by Tea & Paperbacks. For more information on the tag and the rules, check out their blog. Rebel that I am, I have actually not been tagged, […]

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November To Be Read

November books Did you know I actually read three out of the four books I showed you guys last month? It came quite as a surprise for me, ha. I deem this to be read post thing a success, which is why I decided to make one for this month as well. At the moment […]

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Monthly Recommendation: Fantastic Fantasy

A few weeks ago I was doing a late night internet browse to find some more fabulous fantasy fiction to read. However, I found out that it was surprisingly tough to find good lists of fantasy recommendations. Mostly I found separate reviews – which are awesome – but sometimes you don’t feel like browsing through […]

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Keeping Track: Reading Lists, Spreadsheets, and More

If there is anything I love, then it’s data visualisation. There is just something so incredibly pleasing about seeing lists and graphs and tables. I barely keep track of things in real life (for example, I only occasionally actually open my planner to write appointments in there…) but when it concerns my entertainment, I’m a […]

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October To Be Read

October Books As you all know by now, I am studying for my master’s degree, which means I have very little time left to read (or sleep, or watch TV, or anything fun really). Usually I’m quite the mood reader, and quite a prolific reader as well, bouncing through books like it’s nothing. Since my […]

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