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Call for Reviewers!

  • Are you a beginning book reviewer, but you can’t seem to get any ARCs?
  • Do you want your review to get posted on my blog, where a lot more people will see them?
  • Do you want to draw more attention to your own blog and reviews?
Well, then I have something to offer! I have a big bunch of unread ebook ARCs I have received from authors for review, but I don’t have enough time to read them all. Most of them are from self-published authors, that deserve to get some attention.
Therefore, I’m looking for reviewers that don’t mind reading ebooks, that are willing to write an honest review. I can’t stress enough how important the honest part is. You don’t have to like a book. If you were annoyed by the main character, then you put into your review that you were annoyed by the main character. If an author gets feedback from the reviewers, in a respectful way of course, they can take that critique and learn something from it. If you think you are an honest reviewer, continue reading.

How does it work?
It’s pretty simple. I have a big list with over 50 titles where you can pick a book from to read. The author has sent the book to me, and I will forward it to you. You will then read and write a review for the book within 2 weeks. You send the review back to me, and I will put it on my blog. You get full credit, including your name, blog link, and a short bio. You can put the review on your blog, Goodreads, or any other media source, as long as you clearly state you received your review copy from Nyx Book Reviews.

If you’re interested to become a reviewer on Nyx Book Reviews, send a request to nyxbookreviews(at)gmail.com!