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Busting the Newbie Blues: Button Making

As a part in the Busting the Newbie Blues event, Small Review has made a neat link up post with all of her Tips & Tricks posts! She has challenged us newbies and oldies alike to use one of her posts and to try something we’ve been scared of doing before. Well, I have a scary thing that I want to do. I’ve been a blogger for 1,5 year, and I don’t have a button.

Yes people, that’s right. I’m scared of buttons.

So I followed Smalls advice on how to make a button, and this is the result!

Well, that wasn’t as intimidating as I thought. Even though I have mediocre Photoshop skills, it looks pretty cool over there in my sidebar.

The only thing missing now is a “Grab it” section, where you can easily copy the code. Does anyone know how to make one? Got it working, thanks to Smalls (:

I will do a personal happy-dance for every person that grabs my button!

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