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BR: Interview with the Vampire

As The Vampire Lestat is an upcoming read, here my review of #1 in the series.

Interview with the Vampire Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
This is the first book in Rice’s famous Vampire Chronicles series. It is basically the story of Louis’s life as a vampire. And to be honest, that isn’t really interesting.

The story starts off fine. Louis gets introduced, Lestat makes a grand entrance and the vampire is made. Then you get the Louis is very different blahblahblah, and then he starts to hate Lestat. That’s fine. But then he starts to think that he is evil, vampires are evil, they might be children of the devil, and that really gets on your nerves after fifty pages. And even more after a hundred pages.

And then Lestat leaves the scene. And Louis continues to whine. You would think after he few centuries he would get over his self-pity, but guess again! Also, he just isn’t vampire enough. He’s weak, both mentally and physically, and his favourite way of handling problems is by running away or just scream “NO!”. He actually behaves himself like a very stupid, strange and self-pitying human.

That being said, I think the side characters (Claudia, Lestat, Armand) were very enjoyable and interesting. The vampire lore is of course well-known but not boring and doesn’t feel repetitive.

And in the end, everything gets turned around, and I found the conclusion quite satisfying.

Shame of that poor Lestat though, but he has still some books to go, so I guess he’ll redeem himself.

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