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BR: Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1)Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read this in one night. It is a fun and quick read, you get sucked in immediately. I don’t get all the Twilight comparisons. It is nothing like Twilight. Twilight, to be honest, quite sucked. This was fun. Patch (what I think is quite a cute name) is damn hot. Wish I could touch his back too..

Fitzpatrick has created a world that’s quite believable. I was glad it didn’t resemble Fallen too much. It starts off the same; mysterious boy at a school that seems unreachable. But where Daniel is really rude, Patch is just being distant, but he is never mean to Nora. He is a tease, but who doesn’t like a hot guy teasing you…

The process of Nora accepting that Patch isn’t human, and that angels do exist was a bit rushed in my opinion. She only deals with Patch being unhuman, not with that the Bible was right and her whole world is upside down. Shouldn’t she doubt what else is real if angels are real? I think this is one of the great gaps in the story.

The Nephelim lore was interesting. I haven’t read a lot of books that focus on angels, so it felt quite new for me. It is refreshing to read something different than the old vamp/were stuff. I would like to read more about angels, they are quite interesting (and hot!).

You can just feel the chemistry between our couple. Patch cares for Nora from the beginning of the story, and Nora slowly grows into it. The development wasn’t rushed and felt natural. She acts very like her age, which I think is quite an achievement. You see her slowly admitting her feelings for Patch, even though he is dangerous and she knows nothing about him. She does some irresponsible things, but who doesn’t at that age? I liked that even though Hush, Hush is a young-adult book they don’t act like sex doesn’t exist. It isn’t that implicit and in-your-face, but you can tell Nora wants more from Patch than just a little kiss.

Okay, the ending might be predictable, we all knew this would be the best solution, but it was sweet. Now we can read more about our new favourite angel-human couple. Give me part two!

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