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Bout of Books Readathon: Sign Up

In about two weeks it’s that time again; the Bout of Books readathon! This is the third Bout of Books readathon I’m participating in, and the second one where I’ll be hosting a challenge.

For those of you who haven’t heard about this yet, the Bout of Books readathon is a week-long casual readathon. The only goal is to read more than you usually do – no pressure. Every day there will be a little challenge to keep things interesting, and some us are even giving away cool stuff (pssst – I’m giving away stuff!). There will also be a lot of Twitter talking (which usually keeps us from reading *sigh*) and if you decide to participate, I’m sure you’ll meet a lot of new awesome people (:

To sign up you simply go to the Bout of Books blog, where you can fill in the form for the master list. You’re not required to have a blog! Twitter or Goodreads or any place you can post your updates is fine.

I’ll post my to-read list closer to the actual readathon, because I’ll just keep on changing it otherwise. I hope some of you will sign up too! Leave a comment if you do (:

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