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Bookish Habits – Introductions

Bookish Habits3

Welcome to the week-long feature I’m hosting on Nyx Book Reviews called Bookish Habits. Spread over four posts seven bloggers will answer questions about their reading habits, where they prefer to read, how they juggle blogging, reading, and real life and how to overcome slumps.

Let’s meet the bloggers!

Amanda @ On a Book Bender

I am a 20-something with a serious addiction to books. I have an MA in teaching English as a second language, I own a copy editing business called The Path of Least Revision, and On a Book Bender is both my brain child and secret affair (please, don’t tell the boyfriend). I like to laugh. Some day I will have my own home library. Occasionally I lose my sanity, which causes me to do things like sign up to run in 5k races…and enjoy it.


Ruby @ Ruby Reads

My name is Ruby (in case the title of this blog wasn’t enough to clue you in). I run and operate this blog. I am a Montessori teacher in Southern California. I’m devoted to engendering the love of my students at work, and feeding my own personal book obsession during my off hours. This blog is my way of sharing that love (obsession) with others. In May I also started the blog tour site Precious Gem Book Tours.

Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

Reading the Paranormal is run by Kelly, book addict and certified #GutterPass-er. It went live in September of 2010 and is a review centered book blog with focuses on Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, and the (sometimes more than) occasional erotica book. All reviews are based on how much Kelly personally enjoyed the book. There does tend to be quite a bit of flailing and CAPS LOCKING when she gets excited. Just so you know.

The biggest question you might have at this point is: Why is Kelly talking about herself in the 3rd person? The answer is: NO ONE KNOWS!

Renae @ Respiring Thoughts

I’m Renae, a American teen passionate about books and bookish things. I am a dog lover, a classic film enthusiast, and a devoted listener of experimental and indie music. I am something of a wandering soul, having lived in many locations, both in the US and overseas, never staying in one place for more than a few years. I am also a first-generation American citizen of mixed racial background, which offers me a unique perspective I’m grateful to have.


Aleksandra @ Aleksandra’s Corner

As you can guess from my blog, I love reading books! I’m doing this just for fun, to share my love for books, but I’ll always write an honest review for every book I read, it doesn’t matter if it’s a book I bought myself, a book I borrowed or a book that was sent to me from the publisher or the author. I read & love books from all genres & for all ages! I also love participating in reading challenges & read-a-thons, too!


Vicky @ Books, Biscuits and Tea

Hello and welcome to Books, Biscuits, and Tea! My name is Vicky, I’m a twenty-something book blogger from Hungary and – here’s a shocking fact – I love books. I’ve loved reading from quite an early age but life (and then high school) always seemed to get in the way and it wasn’t until my first or second year at university that I managed to devote more time to this hobby.


Hannah @ Once Upon a Time

My name is Hannah and my internet pseudonym is Jaedia, but let’s just keep it simple. I’m 24 years old and I am an Englishwoman living in South Wales. I review everything I read partly because I’m such a slow reader that if I didn’t I wouldn’t publish many reviews, but also because every book deserves to have a few words said about it, whether old or new, good or bad, popular or unheard of. I have my opinions and thus I enjoy writing fair, honest reviews and sharing them.

There are seven questions in total, spread over three posts. The schedule is as follows:

1. Do you consider yourself a fast or a slow reader or something in between?
2. How much time do you spend reading on an average day?
3. Do you have a favourite reading spot?

4. Have your reading habits changed since you started blogging?
5. How do you juggle reading and daily chores like cleaning the house, work, studying and social interacting?

6. How do you pick which book to read? Do you always read review books first, or your personal ones?
7. Many bloggers suffer from a reading slump occasionally. Has this happened to you? Do you have any tips to overcome one?

On Friday there will be a wrap up post.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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