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Book Favourites: Fracture by Megan Miranda

In a perfect world, reviewers would be able to review every single book they read. But as most of you know, you can’t. Sometimes it’s because you simply don’t have the time. Sometimes it’s because you just can’t find the inspiration. And sometimes the book you’re reading is so awesome that you can’t describe it without turning into a blubbering fangirl. Every week I will be highlighting one of such books in Book Favourites.

This is my first Book Favourites post that doesn’t feature a series. This book is so amazing, it deserves a post all on its own. I am talking about Megan Miranda’s Fracture. It had been on my wishlist for quite some time, and since it came highly recommended by some bloggish friends, I decided to pick it up. And I didn’t put it down for the rest of the day.

Why this book is awesome:

  • It’s so good, I couldn’t write a review afterwards. You know a book is good when that happens
  • The whole story. It’s about a girl that falls through ice, and dies for eleven minutes. No one comes out of a coma when their brain hasn’t had oxygen for such a long time. Yet Delaney does. After being dead, her whole outlook on life is changed. She is forced to examine what makes her want to live
  • Dying didn’t come without a cost. Her brain is damaged; she gets massive headaches, can’t concentrate on reading anything. And she can sense when someone is about to die
  • There is a slight mystery part which was predictable, but entertaining
  • It’s short, yet has so much depth
  • A best friend kind of love interest! Those are the best kind, in my opinion
  • I can’t describe it, but this book is so much more than just a paranormal love story
  • I’m slightly squeamish with non-paranormal books. This is the perfect mix of contemporary with a slight dash of paranormal

I recommend this book if you like:

  • Contemporary novels
  • Fast reads
  • Books that make you think
  • Novels dealing with death and it’s aftermath
  • Teen love stories

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