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Blogads – Looking for Advertisers!

After a very long while of contemplating whether or not I wanted to feature paid advertisements on my blog, I decided to try it for a few months. I’m talking about that little box down there on the right that says Paid Advertisement. Right now it’s still empty, but hopefully some authors or fellow bloggers will want to advertise there soon!

Where will the money go to?

The money will be used to pay for the giveaways I have on my blog. I would love to give more books away, but it’s a pretty expensive hobby. The money I make from the advertisements will go directly to shipping expenses and more Book Depository prizes.

Will your blog turn into one of those annoying add-filled abominations?

Well, if it’s turning into that, please shoot me! I love the clean look of my blog and I’m not looking forward to stuff it with ads just so I can make some more money out of it.

That’s all good and interesting, but what are we paying for?

Past month, my blog had over 5,000 pageviews. This month that number is climbing towards over 6,000. About 80% of my audience is from the USA, the other 20% from about every country across the world. If you have other questions about my audience, don’t be afraid to shoot me an email (:

What does it cost?

For a 160×200 image (in a jpg, gif or png format) you pay $15 for a week. For a flash or video advertisement, that is $18. You can order to run your ad up to three months – after that you will have to make a new order.


You can find more information on the pricing and ordering of my ads here. If you are a follower of Nyx Book Reviews and you would like to advertise, let me know through email or Twitter. I’ll give you a 25% discount coupon, because all of my followers are awesome (: