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Blog Detox November

detoxA little while ago I was scrolling through my blog posts and they all felt so… uninspired. It was just reviews, some event posts or interviews, and then memes to recap the reviews and other posts. I wondered what my blog looked like without any reviews or memes – and came up with a challenge for myself.

During the month of November I will not post any reviews or memes*

* Unless I overlooked a previously accepted engagement, in which case there will be one review for that book.

But the challenge stands – no hiding behind those posts that I have done for years. When you take away my comfort blanket, what will my blog look like? Will there be tumbleweeds and awkward apology posts about how hard it all is? Or will something amazing happen and I’ll find new inspiration to blog about? Also interesting, what will my readers think?

I decided not to completely ban events, so I will still post for Sci-fi Month. However, there will be no sign up posts or readathon posts, as I’m counting these as filler. I’m looking for the meat of blogging, the essence of me sharing my thoughts with you guys, and sign up posts don’t fit with that picture.

Have you ever done anything like this? Would you try it?

PS. In case anyone got offended – the 100% blogging thing is a joke. Reviews and memes are blogging too. There is no right or wrong way to blog 😀

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