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A Winter’s Respite Readathon: Sign Up

So I’m signing up for yet another readathon…

The True Book Addict is hosting the Winter’s Respite readathon. It runs from January 23rd to 29th, with a big bunch of mini-challenges and giveaways. You can also converse with other readathoners using the #wintersrespite hashtag.

You can still sign up, so go over here and join in!

I might not have as much time to participate as I usually have when doing a readathon, because I have a bunch of things to do this week. But I have some books for review that I want to finish or at least get a big dent in, and a readathon might be the motivation I need!

So here’s what I’ll be reading this week (my goal being to read at least 400 pages in total):

If you are participating in the Winter’s Respite readathon too, leave a comment! (: