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A Booklover’s Story – A Crowd-sourced Storytelling Project

headerABLSHi all! Today is for blatant self-promotion. As part of one of my university projects, which is mainly concerned with Society 3.0, I’m trying to get readers to create their own story. Instead of a top-down process from the author that creates for the reader, I want readers to make all their own decisions (think a collaboration like Wikipedia). Since I can’t just sit and wait for people to start creating, I’m trying to give a push by starting the story myself.

So if you have a free moment, please check out A Book Lover’s Story, get involved, or just simply fill in this form to vote what the story should be about (I would be thankful for ever and ever!) A note on the form: none of the questions are required. So feel free to leave areas blank.

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