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11 Bookish Questions

Mawa from All Things Wordy nominated me for a Liebster Award (thanks so much!) and invited me to answer a few questions.


What’s your favourite colour?

PURPLE. I love this colour so much that it has become some kind of inside joke between my friends. I don’t do it on purpose, but when provided with a choice between colours, I always go for some shade of purple. Which means I have two purple bags, purple headphones, a purple blog, purple dresses, a purple skirt, purple pens, and even the walls of my bedroom are a pretty shade of lavender.

What book would you recommend to a non-reader?

First of all I wouldn’t shame them for not being a reader, and then I’d ask what they have enjoyed in the past. I’d recommend something fast-paced with plenty of adventure such as The Hunger Games or a shorter Stephen King such as Misery or Firestarter. George R.R. Martin isn’t what I would think of first, but I know a lot of non-readers have really enjoyed his books.

What are three things you are VERY passionate about?

The thing I’m most passionate about is books (surprise surprise). I love everything about them, and I love them in every format, and I love to both read and write, and if I can build a future on doing something with books, I’ll be a very happy girl. My second passion is music, and alternative rock in particular. For me, music is something you have to experience, so going to concerts is a big part of that. I also really like to dance, though I’m not all that great at that. As a third, I’m having troubles picking between gaming and blogging. I guess those two alternate – sometimes I feel more like gaming is important to me, while at others I feel more like blogging is.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Boy, do I hate this question because it makes you sound so arrogant. When posed with this question on personality tests or the like, I usually answer creative, intelligent, and introverted. It feels so weird saying about yourself that you’re intelligent, even though it might be true. I think those three factors define most of my personality – I can be weird and enthusiastic or serious and philosophical, both you won’t see either side unless I know you well.

What does “diversity” mean to you?

Well, I recently had this course called “Religious Diversity”, in which the word diversity was mentioned at least twenty times every lecture, so it has become hard to separate that word from an academic religious meaning for me.

Are there any inspirational words you stand by?

Hmm, no. I tend to dislike inspirational quotes. They make me feel iffy.

What’s one epic action you want to do sometime in your life?

Most people would answer something like “jump out of a plane” or “climb a mountain” or something equally adrenaline-filled, but my most epic action would be seeing a book I have written inside a book store. That would literally be the best day ever.

What are your current favourite songs/movies/books?

Song – Third Day of a Seven Day Binge by Marilyn Manson. Okay, so I know this dude is old and gross, but the song is so sexy.
Movie – I just saw American Beauty, and it was so frigging good. Anyone who can’t identify with this movie has had a blessed life
Book – Death Note. I’m reading the manga and it’s fantastic

Any productivity hacks for the rest of us?

Prioritise! Do what you really mean to do, instead of just floundering through stuff you think you have to get done sometime maybe now. And spend less time just staring at your phone or computer screen. When you’re in front of a screen, make sure you’re actually doing something. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a game or commenting on some blogs, just be aware of what it is you’re doing.

What advice would you give to newbie bloggers?

Don’t listen to people who say they know how you should be blogging. Do whatever the hell you want. This is your party, this is your playground, and you can rule it in any way you want it.

Why do you blog?

Because I like it. Some days I hate it, or feel bored with it, but that’s the way of life. In the end blogging, like writing, is a part of me.

I’d like to thank Mawa for the fantastic questions!

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